About MCSB


Our Mission

Mills County State Bank’s mission is to continue to serve the financial needs of our trade areas as an ethical leader in the financial services industry as we have done since 1888. We will strive to maximize our shareholder’s return with acceptable risk of our capital as well as our customers’ deposits.

We recognize that we are operating in a changing environment and that we must expand our customer base while we continue our efforts to improve the quality of our assets and maintain control of our expenses.

Quality service is our first priority, because it is the cornerstone in producing satisfied customers. We are dedicated to an environment for our staff, which supports and encourages commitment to accomplishment, innovation, and excellence to achieve our goals.

Our motto is “Where service makes the difference.”


Our Vision

Mills County State Bank will provide a broad range of banking and financial services in the communities the Bank serves while emphasizing quality personal service to our customers. Customer satisfaction is achieved through our interest and ability to uncover needs and offer the best solution possible, which can be achieved through product knowledge, motivation, and training. The Bank will produce above average asset quality and returns to our shareholders, while providing opportunities in a working environment that are conducive to retaining excellent employees.

Our Communities