Our History


The history of Mills County State Bank dates back to its founding as Trent State Bank by D. H. Trent on June 4, 1888, with deposits of $4,168.61 and a stock account of $11,449.50.

In 1908, the stockholders of Trent State Bank held their first meeting. The State of Texas issued Charter No. 369 to Trent State Bank on December 4, 1908, the charter under which Mills County State Bank still operates today.

In 1909, Mullin Bank closed and Trent State Bank hired one of Mullin Bank’s former employees, W. C. Dew, who served as bank president for about twenty-eight years.

After W. C. Dew’s death in 1937, the Board of Directors elected W. E. Fairman bank president, and he served until his death in January of 1941. His wife, Mrs. W. E. Fairman succeeded him as bank president and served in this position until the latter part of 1941, when she sold her interest in the bank to E. T. Fairman.

On January 1, 1952, the Board voted to change the bank’s name to Mills County State Bank. In 1953, the Board elected Dr. J. C. Terrell chairman and W. P. Duren bank president.

In June of 1961, Mills County State Bank moved from the corner of 4th Street and Fisher Street to its new facilities at 1017 Parker Street, where it remains today.

Following the death of Dr. J. C. Terrell in 1980, the Board elected W. L. Nix chairman. At the end of 1980, W. P. Duren retired and Glynn Collier succeeded him as bank president.

In 1984, W. L. Nix resigned and the Board elected W. P. Duren chairman. He then resigned on July 1, 1988, and the Board elected Dr. Tom Cody Graves chairman. Glynn Collier also retired on July 1, 1988, and the Board elected C. T. Head president and CEO.

In January of 1993, Mills County State Bank opened a branch in Brownwood, Texas, at 3711 Austin Ave., and hired William A. Hamilton as branch manager.

In July of 1995, Mills County State Bank opened a branch in Early, Texas, at 411 Early Blvd., and hired Coleta Newton as branch manager.

In April of 1998, the Brownwood branch moved to a new building at 3101 Austin Ave., Brownwood, Texas.

In October of 2005, Mills County State Bank opened a branch in Hamilton, Texas, at 1005 East Main St., and hired Donald P. Gromatzky as branch manager.

In March of 2007, Steve Patrick was made president of the Goldthwaite branch, and the branch managers of the Brownwood, Early, and Hamilton branches became presidents of their branches.

In September of 2012, Mills County State Bank purchased a branch of First National Bank of Baird and merged their customers and employees with the Brownwood branch.

In September of 2013, Mills County State Bank purchased First National Bank of Hico, located at 135 N Pecan St., which became the Hico branch, with Mack Holt as branch president.

On December 31, 2015, C. T. Head retired after 38 years of service to Mills County State Bank, and on January 1, 2016, the Board elected Robert Hemsath CEO.

The Board of Directors of Mills County State Bank currently includes Dr. Tom Cody Graves, chairman; Robert Hemsath, CEO; Dr. Melanie Bartek; William Hollis Blackwell, Jr.; Steven Bridges; Glynn Collier; Dr. Cody Graves; C.T. Head; Mindy Hopper; Milton McGee; and Elam Miles.

The branches of Mills County State Bank are currently administered by branch presidents Steve Patrick of Goldthwaite, Vincent Ornelas of Brownwood, Clint Patrick of Early, Don Gromatsky of Hamilton, and Mack Holt of Hico.

Although several changes, retirees, and additions were made over the last few years, Mills County State Bank stays committed to being a hometown bank “Where Service Makes the Difference.”

As of December 31, 2016, the total assets of Mills County State Bank are $297,361,089.03.